Why Choose Uganda For Your Self Drive In East Africa

South & East Africa have long been the best hubs for tourist searching for that ultimate African safari adventure that can mix both wildlife, culture, adventure and entertainment in one basket. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are the top 3 safari destinations in East Africa renowned for the diverse wildlife species, heterogeneous culture all that can visited comfortably given the political stability, good network and communication system to add to the welcoming locals.

There are various reasons to visit one of these safari destinations but here is why you should choose Uganda for your self drive safari in East Africa this season.

Home to the mountain gorillas – You wont get chance to encounter the mountain gorillas if you are not in Uganda or Rwanda. Uganda is home to the largest population of the endangered mountain gorillas with half the world’s population found in Bwindi forest , a UNESCO heritage site and one of the oldest tropical forests in Africa.  A self drive trip to Bwindi forest is a 6 hours adventure from Kampala city and only 1 hour if you are already in Kabale or Kisoro, the closest towns to the impenetrable forest.

Lots of adventure activities –  Jinja town is regarded the adventure capital of East Africa and also home to the source of the Nile that offers a variety of exciting water sports you wont find any where in East Africa. White water rafting tops the lot but other activities include kayaking, bungee jumping, river surfing, jet boat rides plus land activities like bicycle tours, quad biking, horse back riding, nature walks all in Jinja. Other adventure trips in Uganda include mountain hiking mountain Rwenzori for 6 or 9 days, hikes to Mountain Elgon , rock climbing to mention but a few.

Diverse culture – Kenya and Tanzania may have up 10 ethnic tribes but Uganda is home to 20 tribes each with distinct traditions and norms making it the perfect spot for cultural enthusiasts. A self drive trip around Kampala city, Mbale, Mbarara, Karamoja, Jinja, Fort Portal , Soroti among other kingdom centres will give you an insight of the history of some of the top and well known Bantu and Luo ethnic tribes in Uganda. Buganda , Ankole, Gisu, Busoga, Toro kingdoms and the decentralised Itesots, Acholi and Karamojongs are offer the best cultural experience in East Africa, interact with the locals, indulge in their day to day activities, wear their traditional clothes, taste their cuisine and explore their most sacred places like the palace, royal tombs, inauguration spots, wedding places to mention but a few.


Peace & Security – When we talk about security in East Africa, Uganda is the first country that comes to mind. The organized police and armed forces make sure the city and neighboring towns are all safe for self drive whether night or day. If you plan on visiting a national park, just rest assured the Uganda Wildlife Authority guides will be looking over you as you enjoy the wildlife of Uganda. Though there might be some political wars here and there, tourists can always be assured they can get where ever they are going comfortably without any inconvenience.


If you plan on embarking on self drive safari in East Africa and still haven’t decided which country to visit, then you should consider Uganda based on the above 4 facts.

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