A short intro about the Car Rental Tanzania team

We believe that to get the best from a trip to Africa, you need impartial advice from people who know Africa well, have actually been to the places where you are thinking of traveling and can advise you from first-hand experiences – like our team!

Managing Director

Edward is the managing director for Car Rental Tanzania is the expert in tailoring helping clients plan their self-drive trips in Tanzania to explore the northern circuit best known for wildlife adventures & Kilimanjaro climbing. He has explored Virunga & Kahuzi biega exceptionally for the true adventure of Primates having 10 years experience in the tourism industry. Edward’s educational Background: holds LLB, MPA & BACE .

Reservations Managers
Goma office Moses

Manager Partner.

Moses is born in Karatu in Tanzania and he is experienced in wildlife safaris to Tanzania and Rwanda. He was a guide for the last 10 years before joining car Rental Tanzania as co-director in the operation of the company under car rental Congo. he speaks English, Swahili &  French. Education background: Holds BTM, MBA.

MICE  Manager.

Juliana is a Mice Designer manager at Car Rental Tanzania, she is a known designer that studied at Utamu Kenya majoring in Design. she has been in the business of Events, Conference tailoring & Designing in Congo for over 10 years.

We carry a wide array of products to meet the needs of corporate events organizers, small, medium and large contractors, and event coordinators..

MICE Manager
Billy Safari Manager

Safari Planner Manager.

Billy is the Safari manager for all Africa Safaris offered by Car Rental Tanzania to Tanzania , Kenya & Uganda, He has 12 years expertise in tailoring Tanzania trips for guided & Self-drive trips.