Top 5 Rental Cars In Uganda

East Africa is the original safari homeland of Africa blessed with an endless list of attractions top of which is wildlife and culture not to mention the spectacular landscapes and enormous water bodies that for long have attracted thousands of tourists of all types from all corners of the world. The cities, national parks and other tourist sites require the best means of transport to get there whether private or public but as we have come to learn that renting a private car is a much more convenient and safe option than going for the unreliable public means.

Uganda is home to up to 10 national parks and multiple wildlife reserves and sanctuaries and when you these to Kampala city , Jinja and other popular tourist destination, you’ll find that there’s a lot to be explored but how to get there is always the first question that comes to the mind of a traveler. There are various companies where a tourist or local can rent a car in Uganda but you have to be careful and choose an agency with a good reputation, reliable rental cars & drivers , good past client reviews and most importantly one offering services at affordable rates , under favorable terms and conditions.

Car Rental Tanzania  has been organizing guided and self drive trips in East Africa offering a wide range of car types include 4×4 station wagons, vans, luxury cars, mini buses, trucks as well as saloon cars for road trip around the city, outskirts and remote up-country destinations.

Our travel experts have been answering car rental inquiries of all types and can accurately say that the cars discussed below are the top 5 requested rental cars in Uganda without a doubt.

Toyota Rav4– This small compact SUV is on high demand by tourists searching for a budget self drive road trip. Coming in 2 and 4 door versions, the Rav4 can handle all types of terrain including off road park tracks. It has an air-conditioner with adequate cargo space in the rear ideal for couples or a group of four. You can rent a Rav4 in Uganda for prices ranging between US$ 45 per day to 65 per day for self drive depending on the location and number of days you will need services of the car.

Premio – The 3 box body configured saloon car is by far the cheapest car for hire in East Africa with prices ranging between US$ 35 to US$ 45 per day for self -drive excluding fuel. It can accommodate up to 4 people comfortable and is the perfect car to hire your business trip in Kampala city or any other district in Uganda but not a park as you risk destroying the car , getting stuck in a ditch or a breakdown in the middle of the park.

Land Cruiser Prado – This mid-sized 4×4 station wagon is another favorite for tourists planning to tour a park, do research or do some business in the city and upcountry. The land cruiser can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably with huge space for cargo in the rear and strong high standing wheels that can pass through even the roughest terrain in any Ugandan destination.  Car rental prices range from US$ 80 to 100 per day including driver but no fuel.

Safari Van – The mid-sized van along with the safari land cruiser are the original safari cars in Uganda and rightly so given their 4×4 capabilities, spacious cargo and passenger space.  The van can accommodate up to 8 people and has a pop-up roof ideal for sightseeing in the parks. If you are travelling as a small group and looking for the perfect car to accommodate you, then you should rent a safari van as it’s by far the best group vehicle suitable for group safaris, family road trips as well airport transfers.

4×4 Safari Land Cruiser – The customized Land cruiser has been the icon car for African safaris dating back to the 20th century when game viewing and hunting were first introduced to the Africa continent. The Safari land cruiser comes in two versions; 5-seater and an extended 8-seater cruiser with both featuring a pop-up roof, air-conditioner and spacious space for cargo in the rear as well roof top. This is one of the most expensive 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda with prices ranging from US$ 180 to 200 per day with driver, excluding fuel.

Have you been planning to visit Uganda for a park tour, business trip, family vacation or research and looking for the ideal cars, the above mentioned rental cars should be on your list. Otherwise it all goes down to how many people you are traveling with and what your budget is. To book or inquire about renting a car in Uganda

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