Udzungwa Mountains National Park: Car Rental Tanzania.

With an area of 1,990 square kilometers, the park is bordered to the eastern by Kilombero valley and Selous game reserve, Mikumi town to the north, and the continuing Udzungwa Mountains to the south which makes the total range of 10,000 square kilometers.

The park is attractive for its waterfalls to the Mwanihama peak which can be climbed for three days. Hiking to Udzungwa requires a high level of fitness as it is a very steep climb. The northwestern side has deciduous trees dominated by acacia while the eastern side of the park has the evergreen moist forest of both lowland and montane forest.

Udzungwa forests provide shelter for a number of rare endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna including the two diurnal primate species that are found nowhere else in the world namely the Iringa and the Sanje mangabey colobus. Walk safari takes you through ordinary woodland, Miombo woodland then montane rain forest while sighting red, black, and white colobus monkeys, different colors of butterflies likely to sight buffaloes, leopards, and elephants escorted with armed ranges.