Gombe Stream National Park- Chimpanzee Watching: Car Rental Tanzania.

Gombe Stream National Park, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, is the smallest park in Tanzania. The park is located outside the Kigoma town about 16 kilometers covering only 52 square kilometers.

The park is a narrow strip of a mountainous country bordered by the crest of the African Rift Valley walls to the east and Lake Tanganyika to the west the deepest cold water lake in Africa.

Gombe offers visitors the rare chance to observe the chimpanzee communities made famous by British explorer Jane Goodall. A number of monkey species can also be seen, red colobus, baboons, velvet, red-tail and blue monkey.

Other primates include bush pigs and bushbucks. The area is heavily forested, making it an unsuitable habitat for carnivores so the park is safe for walking safaris. There are rewarding sightings for birdwatchers.