Tanzania National Parks  & Game Reserves- Wildlife Safaris: Car Rental Tanzania

Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves offer sanctuary to a world of wildlife. Within their boundaries lives a diverse and abundant animal kingdom. Experience first hand, facing life and death as predators track their prey across the savannah. Witness the natural beauty of vast grasslands, mountain rainforests, lush waterways, and dusty bushveld.

Planning a Tanzania Safari? Don’t miss to visit the national parks in Africa you will be supporting the conservation of some of the world’s most precious flora and fauna, as well as their pristine habitats.

Top 8 National Parks – Attractions in Tanzania

Car Rental Tanzania offers the best national parks that are hosting wildlife animals and climbing Kilimanjaro mountains in Tanzania on a Mountaineering adventure. Learn about the national parks of Tanzania to visit on self-drive safaris in East Africa.

Serengeti National Park

Visit the mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park is located within the virunga mountains in eastern Congo . Read More

Arusha  National Park

Visit the Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park located in Eastern Congo near Bukavu town, Read more

Lake Manyara National Park

Climbing Nyiragongo volcano is a wonderful adventure located in Virunga National park , near town is goma, Read more

Tarangire National Park

Visit the Eastern lowland gorillas in maiko national Park which is the second habitat for lowland gorillas. Read more

Ngorongoro Craters

Visit the rare Okapi in Okapi Wildlife Reserve which is only found in Congo , Explore the wildlife , Read more

Salonga National Park

Explore the primates & wildlife in Salonga National Park for great safari experience in congo , Read more

What Extensions do you recommend?

A fantastic option to consider is to self drive in Tanzania’s national park, the best-recommended extension is Uganda or Rwanda for Primate Watching ( Gorilla trekking & Chimpanzee ).

Visit the primates with Car Rental Tanzania that offers a free gorilla permit  &  chimpanzee permits booking. Contact us: Whatsapp +256787471094.

You can also still sleep in your own rooftop tent should you prefer for an adventure of a lifetime!