Is it Safe to Travel to Tanzania Africa?

Tanzania well known for its peculiar wildlife habitats, culture and breathtaking beaches in the Indian ocean, it is a place where different vacationers get their greatest pleasures and adventures. Though visited by about 1.5 million tourists throughout the year, there are always would-be travellers who ask questions about its safety. We can say Tanzania is a safe country to travel to since there minimal alarming safety and security threatening incidents that happen to its visitors. However, like any place with people around, there are some mysteries that occur which dent the safety and security of travellers. Though these can be avoided when safety precautions are taken by the travellers themselves.

What guarantees safe travel in Tanzania?

There is no major security threatening incident that has happened in Tanzania over a long period of time apart from the 1998 bombing of the US embassy that claimed 11 lives. Tanzania is one of the most politically stable countries in Africa. It is the most democratic country on the continent, it has been changing presidents from time to time.

Its security department is strong and competent. Tanzania has a strong and combative police department that keeps law and order in the country. It curbs down criminals every now and then. The police also offer the local people and travellers security in case they feel their lives is in danger. The Judiciary system is also sound. People are always given a fair judgement. More to that, the tourist sites like the game reserve are well protected from any insecurities which may arouse. The security personnel are visibly seen loitering and surveying around these tourism destinations to protect both the animals and the tourists.

There are lots of credible tour operators in Tanzania to organise safari trips for travellers. What more safety do you need on the trip when you have a local handler who knows everything about the destination. These local tour operators arrange for the visitors, tourism destinations to go to, transport to use and accommodation to stay. They ensure that every travel item, they book for the traveller is safe and secure.

Health service establishments like hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are all over the country. Any illness that may attack a visitor while on a trip, it can be attended to. The health facilities in Tanzania are well equipped, they treat communicable and non-communicable disease, underlying illnesses and also injuries.

Tanzania has financial institutions that offer electronic transfer services. In addition, the tourism facilities like lodges, tour operators and national parks offer cashless services whereby a traveller can make a payment through his/her visa or credit card. With the limitation of cash usage, the travellers avoid theft which is one of safety threatening incidents.

The people of Tanzania are very hospitable and friendly. They welcome their visitors and always provide help to them when need be. With the hospitality conveyed to the travellers by the locals, they always feel safe to travel around Tanzania.

What threatens safety travel in Tanzania?

Tanzania lies in the tropics, there are lots of insect-infested diseases which are life-threatening. These diseases include malaria caused by mosquitos, yellow fever caused by tsetse flies and Bilharzia got from the waters of the sea.

We all know that there is a global pandemic (Covid-19) looming around. Tanzania at first had been rebellious of adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOPS) advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Henceforth becoming a risky area of catching the coronavirus. However, they have come to terms that covid-19 is real and are now obliging to the SOPs

Petty theft like scamming and duping, pickpocketing and snatching of valuables from people is rampant in the urban cities of Tanzania like Dodoma, Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza and Zanzibar.

There is also discrimination of LGBTI people. Homosexuality is illegal in Tanzania. The government and the locals are totally against it. Once caught in the act, you are sentenced to jail for 30 years. If known by extremists in the local communities, you can be mobbed or excommunicated from their society.

Safety tips for Visitors in Tanzania

Get all the medical aid before travelling to Tanzania. Get vaccinated for Covid-19 and yellow fever. The traveller must also carry anti Malaria tablets. In the case of the underlying sickness, go to the personal doctor to check if travelling to Tanzania is possible without weakening you. Medication that regulates the illness must also be carried and taken as prescribed.

While taking a walk around towns and cities, ensure that you’re simple. Don’t move with your valuable like watches, jewellery, neckless. For money and cell phone get a waist perch to keep them safe while walking.

Avoid travelling at night and alone. Some times travellers are a target to perpetual thieves around Tanzania.

Always book with a tour operator for your trip to avoid being taken advantage of by people you meet around. Normally the tour operator gives the traveller a safari driver to take him/her around Tanzania.


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