Car Rental Rooftop tents- Self Drive Africa Trips

Looking for camping safari in Tanzania in Rooftop tent Jeep? Car Rental Tanzania offers the most reliable 4×4 cars for self drive safaris in Tanzania , Kenya & Uganda on an ultimate eco friendly trip to explore wildlife on your own pace while your behind the wheels as adriver of your own adventure.

Whatever you are looking for from your Tanzanian safari, we can ensure that you have a tailormade itinerary that caters to your every need and desire.  You can opt for either a self drive option, an escorted tour with one of the most knowledgeable company guides & drivers on your car rental in Tanzania. 

Classification of Rooftop Tents

Car Rental Tanzania has classified rooftop tents into three brands to enable a self drive traveler select the best for the adventure in Tanzania on your own tanzania Safari.

  1. Family Rooftop tent : ( The Family Tent 2.0m x 2.4m, Weight, 86kg ) This type of tent takes a maxiuium of 4 paxs two parents with young ones , the reason its called family is that it has one entry and exit .
  2. Couple Rooftop tent  (Tent Size 1.6m x 2.4m, Weight 65kg)  Takes four paxs and mostly recommended on landcruiser 78 series & V8 Landcruisers.
  3. Single Rooftop tent: ( Tent Size is 90cmx 24cm, Weight is 62 kg perfectly fit for the Toyota LandCruiser.)  taking one Person and its always one tent on the car.

Double Rooftop Tents

Fleets with Rooftop Tents.

Since car Rental Tanzania is a local car hire company that specialises in toyota Landcruiser jeeps , All the Rooftop 4Wd have different Classificiation are offered and it comes with a different budget for travelers to enjoy a Self-drive trip along with the Lake Victoria that is shared by Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda, neighboring various National parks for true Self Drive adventure on your own pace in East Africa.

Why Cars with  Rooftop Tents

We know that many travelers that plan self-drive Safaris in Africa in Rooftop Tents don’t know or lack information about the set up of the Rooftop Tents while in the bush camping, Our Team will guide you on how to set up the Rooftop tent in Tanzania’s campsites in the parks. Those who are worried about the set up are advised to book Car Rental & Driver while on Tanzania Safari or Kenya Safari Holiday .

Double Rooftop Tents

Rooftop Tent landcruiser UgandaTraveling with friends in Kenya for self drive safari , select the 4×4 Toyota Gx Landcruiser with double rooftop tent to enjoy wildlife of Masai Mara , Amboseli from $ 150/day
Reserving Car

Rooftop Tent Single

Gx with Rooftop Tent RentalPlanning a self-drive Safari in Uganda as single travelers, get the best deal from us to explore wildlife & primates in-game park with Toyota Landcruiser GX with Rooftop Tent USD 85/day.Reserving Car

Rooftop Tent Jeep

Car Hire in Uganda with Rooftop tentBook Toyota land cruiser to visit Uganda national Park on Self drive holiday tailored by experts in Rooftop Tent Car Hire. Select one way rental from Uganda to Kenya from US 95/dayReserving Car

Reasons to choose a rental car with a rooftop tent?

These Rooftop Tent cars are available deals for holidaymakers in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania.

  1. A rooftop tent car hire is ideal if you have plans of setting off on a one or two excursions
  2. For campers, rental cars with rooftop tents are a better alternative as they relieve you from the stress of setting up a tent on the ground.
  3. Since car hires with rooftop tents are a bit costly, renting them becomes the best option for you to get on the road.
  4. They come with adequate space for you and your luggage

if planning to self drive around Lake Victoria the best-recommended car rental option is Landcruiser with a rooftop tent.

What Extensions do you recommend?

A fantastic option to consider is to self drive in Tanzania’s national park, the best-recommended extension is Uganda or Rwanda for Primate Watching ( Gorilla trekking & Chimpanzee ).

Visit the primates with Car Rental Tanzania that offers a free gorilla permit  &  chimpanzee permits booking. Contact us: Whatsapp +256787471094.

You can also still sleep in your own rooftop tent should you prefer for an adventure of a lifetime!