One Way Car Rental Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda

Book a 4×4 Car for self-drive and a One-way rental in East Africa. we do take the lead in offering one way Car hire from Kenya , Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda on a self drive safari tour.  Discover the undiscovered wildlife and primates on 45 Days drive around Lake Victoria.  Drive through Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda on a one-way rental. These self-drive guided tours are getting in popularity as travelers have examined, noticed documentaries or trawled the online marketplace for information about diverse African nations and have penned a want listing of spots they want to find out.

Increase to your preferred listing! Included to beloved Experience the freedom of the self-drive safari and discover probably the most attractive locations and fascinating wildlife in East Africa. Stay in the wilderness with our camping options. A 4×4 with a rooftop tent(s) will give you a better experience with African wildlife and nature.

Rental Cars

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Radio with port for your USB or mini jack
  • Rescue tools, 4×4 manual.
  • Unlimited kilometers, no hidden costs!
  • Low collision damage waiver
  • 24/7 breakdown cover

One Way Car Hire in Tanzania with Local Experts.

Your in Kenya or Uganda and wishing to end your adventure in another country? just plan and contact us to help you in arranging the best one way car rental option to enable you enjoy the self drive safari in East Africa.

The Team of Car Rental Tanzania has the required experience to help you plan your route on the one way adventure trip visiting the main attractions found in Kenya , Uganda, Tanzania , Rwanda for your self drive trip or with an experienced East African Guide that has been leading tours in Africa.

Reasons why we Recommend one way  for Self drive across East Africa.

Car Rental Tanzania team has been on road trips in many destinations in Africa and they realized the hustle of returning the car to the depot where it was collected can be tiresome yet you may be looking for inter city travels. Many travelers from across the globe choose one-way car rentals for it is more convenient. You can work around your travel plans without any hassle on your part with this kind of car service.

Renting a one-way car is a great form of flexible transportation. You can simply drop off the car at your final destination other than the place where you got the car. There won’t be a problem as you can stop off anywhere you please and just enjoy your journey with your family or friends.

It will always be a good idea to opt to rent a one-way car, especially if you want flexibility to be on your side. You can manage to execute all your plans with this.

Undoubtedly, one of the top advantages of one-way car rentals is convenience. Everything will be up to you since you are driving a car as your own. You don’t have to worry about airline delays or cancellations and other air travel issues.

Traveling by car also gives you the freedom to stretch and pull over whenever you feel like it. Enjoy the stunning sights that you have overlooked when you are flying up in the air. Additionally, you can avoid the unnecessary wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Your own car will be saved from the harshness of open road.

Pricing will always be a big factor when deciding on hiring a vehicle during your trip. As for the one-way car rental service, it is a great alternative for an expensive flight. Instead of booking a flight, you can just rent a one-way car, which is way cheaper.

In addition, you can get more discounts when you avail this kind of service. All you need to do is check out the best deals online and you will surely get more affordable rates.

Time saving
Since you won’t be returning the car to your original location, you will be saving more time. Hence you can add more activities into your itinerary. You can add more stops along the way or you can have a detour to a different state. Basically, one-way car rentals give you more freedom to explore the place you are visiting without worrying about time.

A one-way car rental service will always help you experience an epic journey. With these few advantages mentioned above, you are guaranteed to have a stress-free and comfortable travel with your loved ones.

If you want to know more about the benefits of one way car rental, book your car with car rental Tanzania, a car rental company that provides one way rentals for tourists in east Africa.

Landcriuser Prado

Book Toyota land cruiser Prado TX/TZ for a self drive adventure in Tanzania’s southern national parks of Ruaha for wildlife watching

Land Cruiser v8

Rent a Landcruiser v8 to Self-drive around East Africa with Car Rental Tanzania at budget rates with a fridge. 4Wd Landcruiser, automatic, Petrol.

Landcruiser LX Rooftop

Book a Toyota Landcruiser LX with Rooftop tent plus a fridge to self drive safari to Tanzania on long term to enjoy the 1 day free offer.


Serengeti National Park

Visit Serengeti National Park located in northern circuit of Tanzania for an ultimate Self drive Safari to watch the big five & wildebeest migration with rented cars.
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Land Cruiser v8

Landcruiser Jeep with Double Rooftop tents assembled in seconds, which allows you more time resting around the campfire and less time fiddling with tent poles.

Extended Safari Landcruiser

Book and Secure an extended Safari Landcruiser for your wildebeest migration safari to Tanzania, get the best price for the 7 seater.

Safari Landcruiser

Book a 5 Seater Safari Land Cruiser for self drive trip or with driver to visit national Parks with Popup roof for game drive from Car Rental Tanzania


What Extensions do you recommend?

A fantastic option to consider is to self drive in Tanzania’s national park, the best-recommended extension is Uganda or Rwanda for Primate Watching ( Gorilla trekking & Chimpanzee ).

Visit the primates with Car Rental Tanzania that offers a free gorilla permit  &  chimpanzee permits booking. Contact us: Whatsapp +256787471094.

You can also still sleep in your own rooftop tent should you prefer for an adventure of a lifetime!